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I stumbled upon this bakery when I was in Santa Ynez / Solvang for the Arabian Horse Celebration.  It had just reopened after 10 years absence,so it was great to see that their son Thomas is now carrying on the family tradition.  I remember visiting it's prior incarnation MANY years ago, Solvang village was only a couple of streets.

I had forgotten how delicious and unique well-made pastry can be....I vow I will never eat another plain old donut or bear-claw again....

The dining area was open and bright, much cheerier than a couple of other places I had tried.  The selection of pastries was huge, and also had a good selection of bread.  They also serve gourmet coffee, which should set them apart from the others.  It is conveniently located right next to a public/free parking lot, so access is easy.

Charlene S.
Key Largo,FL.
Good evening 

 In my previous message I said my wife would be ordering the Cinnamon crisps, bread and bear claws in a week or so. She did place the order on this past Monday and they came yesterday as expected. My wife says the bear claws were fabulous even though they weren't fresh out of the oven hot. She did warm one in the microwave before I had your shipping box totally empty. The bread is heavenly and the crisps are just as good as the ones we got at your bakery in September! Out of the 26 crisps we received, three had a piece of the outer ring broken off. That's not a complaint--just letting you know the success of your packaging. We always share one at any one time so we break them up a bit anyway--always being careful not to lose any crumbs.

 I'm sure you will get more orders from us though probably not quite as big. Thinking ahead, my birthday comes in June. We are slowing down and anticipate we will cutting back on our big Midwest and west coast excursions--always driving. The consequence is that we won't be passing through Solvang so often.

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